4 Pieces to Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe

I work in an office 9-5, and I hate wearing anything that seems “cookie-cutter professional.” I look for quality pieces I can obviously mix and match, that are trendy yet appropriate, and make me feel like I can take on the world. With that in mind, I’ve gathered some “must-have” styles available this season for every fall closet. These pieces get a bonus because they would also work for a date night or weekend event.

– midi skirt –

I love a “midi” length skirt for the office – it is trendy and also provides some extra warmth without pulling out the tights. I usually try to avoid tights until the last possible moment in the winter. I find them itchy and uncomfortable, what can I say? The slit on this skirt adds a little something spicy which I love. This particular style is extremely affordable and very flattering in the tummy region. I recommend trying it with your favorite shapewear underneath if you are someone who feels uncomfortable in tighter pieces. Remember that other people don’t see us in the same critical light we see ourselves. Translation: buy the skirt.

– statement bootie –

Statement booties are back this season and are an easy way to refresh an outfit you may have worn a million times. Shown here are a pointed toe leather pair with the chunky heel from F21. Although they aren’t the most comfortable, they do the job for only $30. (Size up). For a “wear all day” option, try the Madden Girl faux leather with the snakeskin print from DSW. (True to size). I am getting a ton of wear out of both. The point of this is to find a piece to add to your closet that can bring you more confidence this season – I know personally, a bomb shoe can definitely do the trick. Quick hack – add petals to the bottom of your cheaper booties for a boost of comfort and support. The ball and heel inserts are sold separately, so be sure to add both to your cart!

– printed coat –

In years past I have stuck with only neutral coats and usually opt for a classic puff jacket from day to day. I’ve noticed I tend to wear them out after a few seasons when I don’t have different options to choose from each day. It’s also boring, and the puffers don’t look as professional or stylish if you work in an office. I’ve had this plaid coat for a few weeks and I’ve been surprised at how many outfits I’ve been able to pair it with. When the weather is cold and rainy for as long as it is in Seattle, we definitely get our money’s worth out of having some fun coats to choose from. If the printed coat isn’t your thing, maybe try a fun texture like a teddy coat.

– wrap sweater –

Chunky sweaters are incredibly popular each season and are obviously super comfortable. Working in an office, I always feel a bit frumpy and less put together in a chunky sweater. So what in the world do you wear when it’s FREEZING out? This wrap sweater from Leith is seriously one of the softest, warmest, most flattering pieces I’ve owned. It looks gorgeous on everyone, and the length is just so that you can easily tuck it into a skirt, jeans, or work pants without struggling to hide any extra material. Bonus: the spiciness level of the neckline can be adjusted which makes it an ideal piece for work OR date night, if you know what I mean.

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