Hello!! I’m Skye!

I am a 23 year old living in Seattle, Washington.

I grew up in both Seattle and in Austin, Texas. I know that much of who I am is influenced by having lived in two very different places. I attended college at Seattle Pacific University, where I majored in Business Management and minored in music. I’ve always been creative, and for most of my life my outlet for that was playing music. While I still write and play, about 2 years ago I decided not to pursue music as a career. (I’m sure I’ll post more on that in future). These days my creative outlet is expressed through event design, my career in marketing, and now blogging!

I am an ENFJ on the Meyers Briggs typology scale. In nutshell, what that would tell you about me is that I LOVE people, I feel deeply, I trust my intuition above all, and take like to take charge. It also might tell you that I have a random obsession with personality studies & personal development- anyone else?!

I grew up in a Christian home, and my involvement in church throughout my life has shaped me in more ways than you can imagine. There are things I cherish from my experiences growing up in church, and also deep, deep, hurts that I’m not sure will ever go away.

Now here is the tea. I have struggled over much of my life to truly be myself for honest-to-God fear of rejection. I usually over compensate for my insecurities by taking on leadership roles, as weird as that sounds. I think I’ve always found safety in the idea of being in control. On the flip side, the more I learn about myself, the more I’ve consciously grown into what I believe a true leader is. I desire to be the kind of leader who leads not out of insecurity but out of a deep conviction to love and serve their community.

My struggles with insecurity over my life have put me on a journey to learn what confidence really is and what it looks like for me. Is it something you can snap into? Is it a choice? Do some people just have “it” and others don’t? I don’t think so. I fully believe you can put on confidence like you do your favorite outfit. Of course the “how” behind this idea is always evolving, and its complex. Nevertheless, I have become incredibly passionate about helping not only myself, but other women, find their confidence and their voice as well.

Long story short, starting this blog is one of the ways I am stepping into these goals and passions, and these are just a few of the many reasons I am so excited about it. Obviously, there is a lot more to my story that I want to share with you over time, but I hope this gives you a little glimpse into who I am and what you’ll get as you read on.

I am so honored that you are here. I truly hope I can share something with you that will bring more confidence into your life. Here’s to what’s to come!!